Friday, January 20, 2012

Rugby at Feild

The above picture was taken in 1920 and shows The Feildian Rugby Team for that year. Those of us who went to school when Ralph "Bull" Anderson was headmaster will find him as a student in the front row far right. He was quite lanky then as he was when he was headmaster. Mr. R.R. Wood was headmaster when this photo was taken and he is the man in the back row to the far right. He is wearing a suit.

Rugby was played at Feild from the inception of the school by Bishop Feild. It taught manliness and fair play. It provided robust physical exercise and made a man of you. Our own Dr. Nigel Rusted played on the 1926 championship team. He is in the back row third from the left in the photo below. R. R. Wood was still the headmaster in 1926 and he is in the front row again with the suit. Can you spot another future Lieutenant Governor on the team?

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